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Sabatier Maison Classic Knife Sharpener

Sabatier Maison Classic Knife Sharpener

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A premium brand used by professional chefs around the globe with a heritage dating back to the 1800's, this Sabatier Classic Knife Sharpener is of exceptional quality.
Crafted for the expert kitchen, this knife sharpener features two grinders: one coarse slot for dull knives and one fine slot for honing sharp blades.
This knife sharpener has two slots, one marked ‘coarse' for dull knives and the other marked ‘fine' for honing sharp blades.
Directions:1. Clean the blade before sharpening.
2. Hold the knife sharpener firmly on a secure flat surface.
3. For dull knives, using the ‘coarse' slot first, place the knife blade in the slot and move the knife smoothly back and forth along the length of the blade until sharp.
4. Once the blade is sharp, repeat the back and forth process in the ‘fine' slot to hone the edge further.
5. Clean the blade again after sharpening.
An ergonomic, soft grip handle makes this product comfortable to use.

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