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Starburst Pyramid Lantern - White or Rainbow - 45cm or 60cm

Starburst Pyramid Lantern - White or Rainbow - 45cm or 60cm

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Primary color
The Ice Starburst Pyramid lantern uses a 3D holographic 'StarBurst' film to transform the warm white LEDs inside into a mass of exploding starburst patterns - a bit like a firework display going off inside the pyramid. The LEDs are attached to a rotating spindle which cause these starbursts to swirl around inside the pyramid in a really absorbing show of moving lights. Wonderfully atmospheric and relaxing, as well as being a lot of fun. In this 45cm high Pyramid lamp the stars are warm white and mounted within a polished silver frame. This Pyramid lamp is also available in 60cm height, and also with the rather different 'Star' holographic film. The videos above show the lantern both stationary and on a turntable - the former to show the swirling star-effect, the latter to better show the lantern details. Silver polished frame 16L white LEDs 3m clear lead wire On / off switch Rotation motor Mains operated 24v transformer

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