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How to Make a Flag for a Festival

Each year, the UK festival circuit has music fans across the country excited to spend a weekend catching their favourite artists. The UK festival scene holds many iconic images, from welly-stealing amounts of mud to bleary-eyed music fans in a host of eclectic attire. However, one item has come to be the defining image of festivals from Glastonbury to Reading, a sea of swaying flags rocking along with the dense crowds.

Be they an opportunity for artistic self-expression, a chance to showcase your witty humour to the nation, or just an easy way to find your tent, the festival flag is a staple of the summer.

There is an array of beautiful festival flags available to buy they are a convenient option and come in a variety of styles. If you are feeling creative though, and have some time on your hands, you can have a go at making your own. Creating a custom festival flag allows you to join in with the spirit of the festival and will provide a focal point for your group to congregate.

Materials Needed

To get started, there are a few things you are going to need:

  • Fabric: What type of fabric you use for your festival flag is an important consideration. An old sheet may be a great free option. Or, something sturdier like canvas may stand up better in low winds and cope better in the rain.
  • Paint: The fabric you choose will dictate what sort of paint you need. There are a multitude of types of paint that work better on different materials, so pick something that will stay well on your fabric.
  • Brushes: This all depends on the type of design you’re going for. You may need smaller brushes for more intricate designs, or even big rollers for painting large sections of colour.
  • Scissors: Sometimes a pair of sturdy kitchen scissors will do the job. Specific fabric scissors will make short work of cutting shapes though. Make sure they’re sharp so you get a clean cut without any frayed edges.
  • Sewing kit: Now this may depend on your skill level. If you’re already a dab hand at alterations, get that sewing machine out and have at it. Otherwise, a quick online tutorial and a needle and threat are sufficient for the job.
  • Decorations: Make your festival flag pop with some added decor. Stick with the classics, like glitter and sequins, or let your imagination run wild!

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Choose your design: This is your chance to showcase your creativity. Take inspiration from some of the funniest festival flags from last season, or come up with a design that shares your personality. Practice on a piece of paper first to make sure you’re happy with it.
  2. Cut the fabric: The old saying rings true here, measure twice, cut once. Stencil out the shape you want on the fabric before getting out the scissors. Then, take your time.
  3. Create the design: Put your artistic skills to the test and get painting. How you approach this is going to depend on your design, materials, and paint, but just take your time and enjoy the creative process.
  4. Sew the edges: A nice neat seam is the aim here. Get this right and your flag should stay in one piece and attached to its pole for the whole festival.
  5. Add finishing touches: Get those last bits of decoration attached and attach the flag to your pole.

Tips for Making a Festival Flag

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a festival flag. Have a think about the colours you intend to use. Something bright should help the flag stand out, even on a dreary day. Picking some unusual colour combinations can also help you to keep from confusing your flag with others.

UK festivals have a bit of a history of unpredictable weather. As such, making sure you choose materials, paints and poles to stand up to the wind and rain is always a sensible idea.

Your choice of flag pole is also an important consideration. One cheap and easy option is a tent pole, although these may not hold up to especially bad weather. Opting for a purpose made flag pole in durable materials is always a safe bet. Length is another factor. You will want to make sure your flag flies proud above the swathes of people and stands out from a distance. Choosing durable materials will also mean you can use your festival flag time and time again, allowing you to keep the energy up at many festivals to come.


So if you are off following your way around the UK festival circuit this summer, or even just going along to a smaller local event, a festival flag is a great addition to your camping kit. Making a flag for a festival is a great opportunity to be creative and gives you a handy way to find your way back to your friends or tent. As an alternative, ready-made festival flags provide a sturdy and reasonably priced option. With a variety of fun colours and varying sizes, there are festival flags to suit any need. Plus, these are designed with the British weather in mind, so they will stand up to any festival rain or shine.

Whether you make your own or buy a ready-made product, a festival flag will enhance your summer experience.

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